Liquid Rubber Roofing in Uxbridge and Hillingdon

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When fitting a flat roof, serious consideration needs to made of the best method of waterproofing it. Here at SC Roofing, liquid rubber roofing is one of our most popular solutions. It works exactly as it sounds, being poured onto your roof deck in a liquid state, before setting and curing to a watertight and durable finish.

Working out of our Denham office, our liquid rubber roofing specialists travel over a 10-mile radius, covering Uxbridge, Hillingdon, and beyond. This takes in customers in Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Harrow, Hayes, Hendon, Kingsbury, Northwood, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Stanmore, and even further afield.

Quality Liquid Rubber Roofing in Uxbridge and Hillingdon

As a local, family-run firm of professional roofers, we have much to offer our customers across Uxbridge and Hillingdon.
Here is what you can expect from us…

Initial Assessment and Design

While most flat roofs are a simple rectangular or square design, the benefit of a liquid rubber roofing solution is that they do not need to be. By its very nature, the liquid rubber fills any available space on a flat surface. This means your roof can be any shape and still be professionally sealed and protected.

Roof Deck

Once you are satisfied with your design, our roofers will fit the necessary joists and decking to fully support the weight of your new flat roof. To ensure a tight, even finish, we always install a new roof deck, rather than rely on the existing one. We use quality materials to produce a strong and sturdy flat roof solution.

Flashings, Trims, and Drainage

Your flat roof may incorporate additional elements such as skylights or vents. We fit lead flashing to these accessories and any adjoining walls, as well as roof trims that will protect the edges of your roof. Our skilled roofers will also fit a suitable drainage system to ensure any rainwater is diverted away from the roof edge.

Liquid Rubber Application

Liquid rubber roofing is simple to apply, being literally poured onto your flat roof. Its liquid state means it covers the entirety of the roof deck, spreading out to the raised roof edge and filling all gaps and joins. Our team ensures that the entire surface is coated to a suitable depth for setting and curing, ensuring optimal protection.

Curing and Setting

Our polyurethane liquid solution cures quickly to a flat, even finish. It is highly durable, even without an underlay, and can be expected to last for decades of normal use. Customers in Beaconsfield, Denham, Gerrards Cross, Harrow, Hayes, Hendon, Kingsbury, Northwood, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Stanmore, Uxbridge, and beyond have benefited from this versatile and easy-to-install roofing solution.

Why Choose SC Roofing?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for all your liquid rubber roofing needs in Uxbridge and Hillingdon. Here is just a few of them, based on feedback from our existing customers…

When you hire SC Roofing to install your liquid rubber roofing solution, you are guaranteed quality. We use a fast-curing polyurethane liquid solution that ensures years of full protection for our Uxbridge and Hillingdon customers. Quality assured by the UK Traders Confederation, we invite you to check out testimonials from some of our existing customers on our Reviews page.

We have been part of the roofing trade in Uxbridge and Hillingdon for many years. Our team of professional roofers bring decades of combined experience with them to every liquid rubber roofing installation. This level of hand-on expertise ensures a fast, reliable service on every job and smooth, even finish to your flat roof.

Operating out of our office in the Buckinghamshire town of Denham, we are perfectly placed to assist customers across Uxbridge, Hillingdon, and beyond. Our team of roofers apply liquid rubber roofing to flat roofs across a 10-mile radius. This includes Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Harrow, Hayes, Hendon, Kingsbury, Northwood, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Stanmore, Uxbridge, and further afield.

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